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Christina Rosenthal is an artist living in Carlsbad, California. As the daughter of two visual artists, it was natural that she become an artist. An avid world traveler, she immerses herself in the arts and cultural life of the countries she visits, and has lived and worked in Mexico and Japan.  Rosenthal was led to the world of high fashion with her jewelry, textile, and fashion designs. A Southern California native, her skills as a scenic designer and set decorator brought her work in Hollywood's film industry. She has also collaborated with architects and designers on many commercial and residential projects. A gifted colorist, Rosenthal's easel paintings and murals are widely collected and commissioned.

Clients and Collectors
Don Bellisario Prince
Ron Berkell Margeret Sahroian
Al and Kathy Checci Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rebecca De Mornay Tony and Donna Scott
Tom and Holly Gores Robert Shriver
Victoria Jackson Steven Spielberg
Gates McFadden Bruce Springsteen
Barbara O’kun John Stamos
Frank Pennino Mariko Totsuka

Shatzi Restaurant, Santa Monica Murals
House of Futaba, Haratusuka Japan Weavings and Paintings
Back Bay Rowing Company, Costa Mesa Murals
Kaiser Hospital, Lancaster Assemblage
Shabby Chic, California/New York Murals
Platinum Equity , Beverly Hills Murals
Paisley Studios, Minneapolis Paintings
Ronald and Joy Mankoff, La Jolla Murals
Lake Norman, North Carolina Murals

1960s Le Conte Jr. High School, Los Angeles Outstanding Art Student Award
Colin McKuen School, Los Angeles Fine Arts Major
1970s Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles Fine Arts Scholarship
Apprenticeship in Musical Instrument Making David Wheat
L.A. City College, Los Angeles Silkscreen/Drawing
Julane Stites, Choreographer, Hollywood Modern Jazz Dance
1990s Latin Jazz Percussion, Los Angeles Francisco Aguabella
2002 Classical Japanese Mineral Painting
Fujisawa, Japan
Hisako Ogata
2002 Japanese Weaving Techniques Kyoko Ichino

Professional Experience
1970s No Body’s Business, Los Angeles Fashion Design
Grape Nuts, Los Angeles Fashion Design
Holly’s Harp, Los Angeles Fashion/Fabric Design
1980s Chattanooga Choo Choo, Feature Film Set Design/Etched Glass
Wax Relief and Textile Design Seminar Instructor
American College of Design , Los Angeles
Black Moon Rising, Feature Film Set Design/Paintings
Prince of Bel-Air, Television Movie Set Design
Teddy Ruxpin, Television Special Set Design
Jane Mohr, Dressed to Kill Fabric Design
Zapotec Project, Oaxaca, Mexico Painting/Collage/Weaving
1990s Carol Behrman Gallery, Westwood Curator
Star Trek, The Voyager, Television Original Art
A Night at the Roxbury, Feature Film Mural Restoration
2000 Private Residence, Hiratska, Japan Paintings/Murals
2002 Private Residence, Hiratska, Japan Paintings/Murals
2004 Private Residence, Lake Norman, NC Murals
2005 Private Residence, Lake Norman, NC Murals/Painted Floors

1970s Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles Student Paintings
1980s Hunnings Gallery, New York Collage
Hunnings Gallery, New York Drawings
Lander Gallery, San Fernando Valley Textiles
Reiff Studio, Santa Monica Fine Art Tapestries
Reiff Studio, Santa Monica Woven Wool
1990s Carol Behrman Gallery, Westwood Group Show
Carol Behrman Gallery, Westwood Paintings/Weavings
2005 Otis Alumni Exhibit,
Folk Tree Gallery, Pasadena
Latin American Inspiration Paintings

Christina Rosenthal can be contacted at:
Tourmaline Studio, Carlsbad, California
ph/fax 760-729-5652 •